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We are offering a wide variety of German Legal Services for businesses. For our business consulting services please click here. We provide you with services for all your possible legal needs related to your business in or with Germany and Europe. Our team of German Attorneys in the U.S. as well as in Germany will take care of your legal needs. We have an extensive network of Off Counsel specialists in different areas that will provide you with exceptional services, whether in taxes or corporate law, customs or government permits or whatever your needs might be.
We also have American Attorneys and CPAs available, or can work together with your present legal advisors to make sure that your European Business doesn't lead to any problems on this side of the Atlantic.
We know how business is done in Germany. Through our experience and contacts we can get you in contact with the right people and institutions to make sure you get things done.

Some of the services we offer are:

German Corporate Law
German Immigration and Visa Law
German/European Customs
German Tax Law
German Contract Law
Government Permits
Investment Law
Real Estate Law
German Business Law
German Employment Law
Legal Translation Services
Legal Document Review Services

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We are only licensed to practice German and European Law. If you need advice on related American Law we are happy to refer you to other hand picked Law Firms.
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